Shipping and Payment


When you are finalizing your purchase you can choose the shipping method.
The customer is responsible for the selected shipping method.

Standard Mail: order arrives up to 8 business days after being shipped.
Priority Mail: order arrives up to 3 business days after being shipped.
Registered mail:: order arrives up to 2 business days after being shipped. Registered Mail is the only method that allows you to track your order.

 For orders over € 49 shipping is free, except for fragile products (crystals), which are always €4.95 for Portugal and €13.95 for the rest of the world. 

The shipping price varies according to the weight of the order.

Prices for Portugal:

Weight: up to 0.1 kg 0.1kg–0.5kg 0.5kg–2kg
Standard Mail €1.55 €2.95
Priority Mail €1.95 €3.55
Registered Mail €3.55 €4.55 €6.95

Fragile Products | Crystals: always €4.95

Prices for the rest of the world:

up to 0.5kg 0.5kg–2kg
Priority Mail
€7.95 €13.95

Fragile Products | Crystals: always €13.95

It is the duty of the customer to fill in his address correctly. If an order is returned, you will be charged for reshipping.
We are not responsible for possible delays or losses of CTT.


The payment method is chosen when you are finalizing the purchase.

  • MB Way

Make the transfer to the number 916 039 982 (João Augusto Fernandes);
Send an email to and or a message to WhatsApp (916 039 982) indicating the order number “#XXXX” and the mobile number through which the payment was made.

  • Bank transfer

The expected date of delivery of the order is conditioned by the good receipt of payment, so you should consider at least 2 more business days on the expected date of delivery of your order if you choose this form of payment.

  1. Make the bank transfer to the IBAN PT50 0035 0385 00005686 230 95 (Augusto Ferreira Fernandes);
  2. Send proof of transfer to the email and, indicating the order number "#XXXX" in the subject of the email or placing this same number in the description of the bank transaction.
  • PayPal
The most accepted online payment method worldwide, allows you to manage payments from your computer or smartphone. Through a login, this form of payment is very simple and secure. See how to create a PayPal account in just 2 minutes at

  • Credit card
A safe and fast way to make payment online. We accept payments with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. In addition to credit cards, it will be possible to pay online with debit cards that provide a security code (CSC) on the back of the card. Your card will be debited upon confirmation of the availability of the items.