Como escolhemos a melhor coleira para o nosso cão

How we choose the best collar for our dog

One of the greatest pleasures ofowners of dogs is to stroll with your four-legged friends. What someone who doesn't have a dog sees as a painful obligation 3 times a day is actually a moment of relaxation, relief, reflection and fun .

Increasingly with the extensive work routines and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the simple fact of going for a walk (even if it is just taking a walk around the block) makes us stop, think about the day, relax, talk and exchange experiences.

In addition to all this, walking is essential for physical and mental health , dogs and their humans. We always recommend our friends to take a lot of walks, to meet other dogs and people, to make friends. For this, theleash and leash are essential, in addition to its use being mandated by law, in Portugal.

But, after all, how do we choose collars and leashes, and how do we know what best suits our situation?

Collars for use at home

In addition to resistance, of course, we pay a lot of attention to materials, because acollarfrom tsmooth and silky length, in addition to greater comfort for the dog, can also prevent skin and fur problems.

It may seem unnecessary to keep the collar on the dog indoors, but in fact, it is very useful and can prevent serious problems. Maintain a comfortable leash with oneidentification medal it prevents that if the dog catches an open door and decides to take a walk alone, it gets lost and is no longer found.

Onecollarcomfortable and aplate with a contact can save a dog , as they cause it to be found much more quickly in the event of a leak.


Collars / harnesses for walks

For tours, especially for longer ones, we prefer to usebreastplate, althoughnormal collar can be used without problem. Although, withbreastplate we can better control the dog's movements and we know that he doesn't get hurt if he tries to pull us towards some canine Babe with whom he has fallen in love! As theGoldenwas adopted adult / senior, already had certain habits and we think that thebreastplateit is more suited to your personality, for longer strolls.

Youpectorals bring greater security to the owners and dogs, because don't hold only the animal's neck, but the entire chest. They should always be used on car rides, with the respective seat belt.

There is severalpectoral models , indicated for all sizes, shapes and personalities . For dogs that pull the leash a lot, we recommend the use ofpectoralsthat allow to arrest theleashahead but obviously the training should always be the first resource and nothing replaces it.



In general, thebest leash is the one that makes the owner more comfortable (and safe) to walk your dog. Oneleashmust be tough but also smooth in the hand of humans, thus preventing cuts and wounds.

They may vary in shape, materials and length. We use the 1m20 meters, in accordance with Portuguese law to walk in public places.

Grades: These tips are based on our dog and our experience , and are not a substitute for consultation with a trainer.

And you, as you usually do, have advice that can make this publication more complete. Leave your opinion in the comments..
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With love,
Neuza, João and Golden, the dog!

 Coleira Peitoral Trela

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